Fun, high-tech game nights for your friends, colleagues, clients or family – delivered virtual or live with your very own interactive host!

The Games

20 Second Challenge

2-4 players | Contestants have 20 seconds to complete a randomly assigned challenge. The wheel spins. Player 1 says “stop” or hits “the button”. The wheel slows to a stop and randomly selects a challenge. The clock starts and they have 20 seconds to complete the challenge. The quicker they complete the challenge the more points they get.

Crowd Scavenger Hunt

2 teams | Once the clock starts, someone from each team will work with the audience to find every item or person on the list. The host will announce each item as they are brought up so the software operator can mark them "found". The first to get them all or score the most points before time runs out wins.

Beat the Clock

2-8 players | Contestants name things in a category. When it’s your turn just say a word in the category, and make sure the clock does not stop on you. No repeats!. If the clock does stop on you, you are OUT!

The Eliminator

4 players | The four contestants are represented by the four pillars, each with their own color. The pillars contains five lives. In the center of the screen is the "Wheel of Elimination.” Circling the wheel are four dots. When the contestant hits their button, it will stop their dot. Whatever color wedge the dot lands on, loses a life. #ProTip - Don't land on your own color! The first color to lose all of their lives will be ELIMINATED!

Speed Trivia

Up to 10 players | Contestants will have 30 seconds to see how many questions they can answer. The faster they answer, the more points they get; miss one, and your turn is over. Top 10 scores show up on the Leader Board.


2 teams (score) or Individual players (prizes) | Drop the ball and win a prize OR play head-to-head, BLINKO is like 2 games in 1. But watch out, those numbers at the bottom keep blinking to different scores. In Prize mode you can easily customize the prize that goes with the number tile at the bottom of the board. In Score mode each drop adds points to the scoreboard.

The Feud

2 teams | "The Feud" is a parody of the popular game show.

Wheel of 4 Chin

4 players | Contestants compete to solve word puzzles.

Crowd Ball

2 teams or 2 players | This game is like the classic arcade game PONG, but in this game the crowd's noise level will control the paddles as they try to get the ball in the goal.

Quiz Show

Up to 10 players or teams | There are 5 categories with 5 questions in each category. Each question has points associated with it. If you buzz in and get the question wrong, you will lose those points.

++ Plus More!

How It Works

Birthday Party | Celebration | Conference | Family Reunion | Fundraiser | Happy Hour  | Holiday Party | Wedding

  1. Book your live or virtual event.
  2. We will work with you to customize our games for your event.
  3. Depending on the size of your group, it can either be an individual activity or we can split participants into teams.
  4. The day of the event you show up and have fun.


Live Events

$ 500 Starting at*
  • Interactive host
  • 90-minute session
  • 3 digital interactive games
  • Buzzers, podiums, and PA system

Virtual Events

$ 20 per person*
  • Interactive host
  • 60-minute session
  • Icebreaker and 2 digital interactive games

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